Life Coach – Insomnia – Fighting Sleep Deprivation Creating a New Bedtime Routine

Insomnia can hit us at any time …. One of the best ways to fight It is by establishing a bedtime routine that works for us and to stick with it. After a long day of work or just being awake, our body and mind need a consistent process for falling asleep naturally.

Pick a course of action and do it for at least a week, this will help us change the way we going to sleep at night.

Create a plan of action, start with a standard hour for bedtime and waking time. Create a list of teas and vitamins that can help create a relaxed feeling.

Stick to your routine and after a week or two has passed and you are still experiencing difficulty sleeping make appropriate adjustments. The key here is to be consistent and observant of what is currently in our lives and how we are affected by this routine. Our goal ist o establish a regular sleep schedule. Wake up each morning at the same time and try not to oversleep.

Sleep experts believe that we should get an average of seven to eight hours of sleep each night… there is no way to “make up” lost sleep.

1. ) Once the sleep schedule is interrupted the best action to take is towards setting a new routine.

2. ) Plan a schedule that is consistent and gets us ready for bed at the same time each night. Create a standard routine that prepares us for sleep the process of brushing our teeth or reading a book. Something our subconscious attaches to the process of going to sleep.

3. ) Don’t do anything that creates a stimulating effect on body functions.

4. ) Don’t take naps during the day. this will confuse the body’s ability to determine if its day and night sleeping.

5. ) Organic and natural remedies work differently for each person. Research the best design for a sleep routine that is right for our needs.

Don’t become discouraged, having change and alter bedtime habit s and routine can take up to a couple of weeks to start working.

And with persistence and determination we can re-establish the ability for natural sleep.