Let's See Some of the Causes of Obesity


What are the causes of obesity? It is fairly simple. Your caloric intake is greater than what your body utilizes for energy. We eat too much and exercise too little. Our genetics also play an important factor but not enough that we should be on the fast track with over forty percent of our population being obese in the next two decades.

That is pretty scary statistics. If we take the time to take care of our body because it is our only one, the future of our world would change. With premature death due to heart disease being the second leading cause in death in the United States, you would think we would wake up. The leading cause of death is deaths related to smoking. Guess what there are a few of us who still smoke.

The important thing is to address the causes of obesity that we can change. We need to live a healthy lifestyle so we can actually enjoy our "golden years." Aging, I have discovered is not for the weak of heart. I personally do not want to live my life where I have railroad tracks from a triple by-pass and this is where our nation is headed.

All we need to do is develop a healthy relationship with food. We need to eat to live and not live to eat. Cut down on your saturated fats. Substituting olive oil for vegetable oil should not be that hard. Steam your food. Always eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Find ways to make your dinner favorites lighter. There are plenty of cookbooks that provide recipes for your favorite foods made lighter without sacrificing the taste. Do not diet, just change your eating habits to encompass more whole grains and vegetables.

Lock of physical activity is also one of the causes of obesity. In order to lose weight, you need to have physical activity. Start off working out 3 times a week aerobically in 20 minute intervals. After three weeks, add another day and 10 more minutes of exercise. After two weeks, add some weight and strength training. You'll start to see results. You may not lose fourteen pounds in two days, but losing one to two pounds a week is healthy and normal.

You may lose more or less depending on your body's metabolism. If you start to plateau, challenge your body. I like to work aerobically for 10 minutes and then lift weights for 5 minutes. I alternate and it works.

Among the causes of obesity is genetics. Genetics are beyond our control, but you are the master of your destiny. It's all about embracing a healthier, smaller you. Following these guidelines will lead you on a path to success of who you want to be.