Leprosy of the Soul – The Greatest Disease Known to Man

There is a disease so heinous it affects every man, woman, and child. It is called the Leprosy of the Soul. This disease affects the way people think, act, and how they walk. Its final result is always a terrifying death. It makes outcasts of the brightest of schools, makes trembling victims of the strongest of men, turns beauty into rank ugliness, and destroys the souls of men. This leprosy of the soul is not just a disease, but a plague. Its destructive power is far greater than any cancer known to man. This leprosy of the soul is called "sin," and the plague of this leprosy is the "love of sin."

Is there any known cure for this disease? How does one find relief? Cheer up dear reader. There is a cure, but the cure can only be found in God's written word, the Holy Bible. Leviticus chapter 14, gives specific treatment for this disease. Verses one and two tell us that the leper must be brought to the priest. Who is this priest? Jesus, the Son of God, is the priest that can heal the disease, (Hebrews 9: 11-12, Hebrews 3: 1).

Although Leviticus chapter 14 details the cure for physical leprosy – God uses this account as an allegory to show us the healing of the leprosy of the soul, sin. God cares about our physical health, but he is far more concerned with our spiritual health. The only cure for sin is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Leviticus tell us that the leper has to brought to the priest. It is the Christian's work to share the love of Christ through his word, the Bible, with those around him. We can not possibly know how a person will react to the Jesus, but I do know many seeds we plant do bear fruit.

When I was a younger man several Saturdays during the summer I took some sixth grade boys noodling, (hand fishing). My daughter did not care about noodling, but some of her classmates wanted to learn. When the boys asked my name I told them my name was Mark, but they could call me Handsome. (I weighed a slim trim three hundred fifty pounds at the time.) The boys laughed, but they always called me Handsome.

We sent the afternoon hand fishing. I taught the boys how to pet carp and catch catfish. We had a good time. I never cared much for fish, and I hated cleaning them so we usually thread our catch back into the river. My wife always packed plenty of sandwiches. When we were exhausted from our employers we sat around, ate sandwiches, and visited. Usually I shared Jesus with the boys.

One particular boy was very angry. He had been in a car wreck and had been injured horribly. He could not run and play like the other boys, but he was the best carp petter in the bunch. When we visited about Jesus he told me that Jesus did not have him or he would not have gotten hurt. He said he hurt all the time.

I told him I was sorry about his injuries, but Jesus did love him very much and wanted to give him eternal life. I told him that if we repent of our sins and accept Jesus as Lord in the next world we would not feel pain, and we would live forever. I took the boys on five noodling excursions. Every time I visited about Jesus the same boy got bitter and said Jesus did not love him. I assured him that Jesus loved him very much, but I never seemed able to comfort him.

After that summer the bitter boy's family moved to a different town. I lost track of him. I thought about him from time to time and said a short prayer when I thought about him, but my thoughts about him were rare. About eight years later my wife and I were exiting a convenience store when a young man limped over to me. He asked me if I was "Handsome."

I told him I most certainly was. I knew he had to be one of the boys from the noodling excursions, but I did not recognize him. He reintroduced himself and I realized that he was the boy who was injured in the car wreck and was horribly bitter. He told me the summer he went noodling with me was the best summer of his life. He said, "There was not a day go by that I did not think about what you said about Jesus." I was so full of bitterness and hate it took me six years to accept Jesus as my savior. he still needed to show me why I was hurt in the car wreck. "

He continued, "The next day I went to therapy and saw a handicapped boy crying because he hurt from the therapy he had to do. as I hurt then he could too. I knew then why I was in that wreck. I can tell handicapped kids about Jesus.

That day I went home humbled. God's word says that the Father draws people to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit convicts them. If we will only share the love of Christ, God can work in ways we never imagined. Only Christ can cure leprosy of the soul, but we are charged with bringing those who suffer from this terrible disease to our Priest, Jesus Christ.

The cleansing of the leper is an actual event that transpired in the Old Testament under the law, but it was a foreshadowing of the atoning grace of God through Jesus Christ, our Lord. The only cleansing for Leprosy of the Soul is faith and confession in the death, resurrection, and salvation bought through the blood of Jesus. (Romans 10: 8-10)

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