Left For Dead – Boomer Guide and Strategy

The Boomer’s Role

The Boomer is a fat, ugly, gurgling, disgusting beast that oozes with pus and is filled with infectious bile. The very sight of Survivors causes the Boomer to become sick (figuratively), and is then overcome with an incredible urge to vomit all over them. Strange, I know. Boomers play an important role in the game, arguably ‘the most important‘.

Unluckily to the Survivors – though, the stench and aura that the Boomer’s vomit emits causes hordes of zombies to come running from all corners of the map. Vomit is not the Survivor’s only concern. Survivors must also be careful to not shoot a Boomer when it is close, because the Boomer is bloated with gas and will explode when shot. If it is shot, the Boomer’s slimy green, poisonous innards will cover everything within a radius of its carcass.

Both the Vomit and Slime will cause temporary vision loss in the Survivors if they come in contact with it. Their vision is affected in two ways.

The most effective side-effect of the Vomit is that the outlines of their fellow Survivors disappear. This is good to know, because the effect is the Survivors temporarily cannot see if a Hunter is on top of a Survivor, and cannot see if Smoker has grabbed someone and is pulling them away. Of course, if they have headsets or microphones they could quickly alert teammates.

Not only do the outlines disappear, their screen literally becomes coated in thick green slime, making it very difficult to see anything.

10 Boomer Facts

1. Boomers make noise.

This means, spawn late. Any player with the game volume up can very obviously hear you burping and gurgling. It’s loud and unmistakable. This will give big hints to the Survivors as to your location, and likely will cause you to get shot.

2. Spawn Smart.

Boomers are painfully slow. This means, spawn smart. As you begin to spawn, look around and identify not only where your fellow infected are, but what they are. Spawn accordingly.

As a general rule of thumb, it is easier to obtain vomiting distance by spawning in front of the Survivor’s path, than being behind them. A Boomer runs much slower than a Survivor that is in Green Health (a Survivor in shape to run.) This is a mistake a lot of newbies make. Spawn in FRONT!

3. Keep the zombies coming.

This is the Boomer’s role in the game. Make sure to ‘Boom’ (Vomit) often. It takes time for the Survivors to kill Zombies. It takes time for the Special Infected to respawn. Put it together.

4. Boom Smart!

Just because you can cover all four Survivors in Vomit, it doesn’t always mean you should do it. As an example, it is not entirely affective to Boom inside tight, doorless hallways. Think about it. Four people grouped tightly inside a small hallway have a really easy time defending themselves. Two people shoot towards the front, two people shoot towards the back. Same thing for a place like inside of a bus. Usually, it yields very little damage. So try waiting until they get out of their safety-hallway.

Simply, you’ll land far more damage if there are several angles that the Zombies could attack from.

5. Use your Melee!

Basically, don’t forget it’s there. Be in the habit to use it with all Special Infected. However, the Boomer deals very little damage. It is rarely a good thing to use.

Think of it this way, though. You’ve missed with your Vomit, and chances are they will shoot you before you can recharge. Now your back-up plan is to explode. If you can sneak up behind the Survivors and then Melee one in the back, likely he’ll turn around quickly and shoot what’s attacking him. Not always, but sometimes. When someone sees a damage indicator on their screen, they freak, and may make the mistake of shooting you.

6. Attack From Above.

Some players are wise to this, but it is still effective. On maps where you can climb much higher (and still be near) than the Survivors (like No Mercy), it is good practice to ‘Boomer Bomb’.

(Side note: Before Steam released a patch, the Boomer use to explode on contact with the ground. Now, the Boomer explodes only when it lands on a Survivor.)

An effective Boomer Bomb is to drop in the middle of 4 tightly grouped survivors, and quickly try and Vomit on them. Dropping in the middle of four tight Survivors is ideal, because they will likely push you into one another, not really pushing you any distance, they risk over-meleeing, or accidental shooting.

7. Explode on ’em!

The game will spawn you again in about 20 seconds, anyway. Let’s say you were setting up to Vomit on someone, but then they changed course last minute or otherwise tricked you, causing you to prematurely Vomit. Why not have a back-up plan? Run at them from around that corner and one out of two times a surprised Survivor will shoot you. Or, you could prematurely vomit, and then wait 20 seconds for it to recharge, putting you at a disadvantage by being behind the Survivors.

8. Work with the Smoker!

On levels where there are few good Boomer locations (like the Blood Harvest maps), work in conjunction with the Smoker. The Smoker can pull Survivors to you, eliminating your risk of getting shot while slowly running over a large distance.

9. Vomit on Downed Survivors

Boomers are especially effective at killing already downed players. Ideally, you would Boom on a Survivor that is still up, but when the moment comes you’ll know it, Vomit on someone who is down. Their vision is already hindered, so sneaking up may be more possible. If you get Vomit on them, the pistols that the Survivors use are widely ineffective at killing large amounts of surrounding zombies.

10. Recap

Boomers are important. Don’t be an idiot!