Lecithin is the only nutrient needed to end heart disease in the western world. This single nutrient in the form egg and soy granules will bankrupt modern medicine which depends on massive amounts of heart disease to support itself. Lecithin granules can be easily included in any food or serving of food as it is nearly tasteless and dissolves well. Add to soups, breads, cereals, gravy, juices, or most any other food dishes.

Lecithin is a cousin of the fat family and is needed by every cell of the body to create energy and transport nutrients in and out of the cells. Lecithin comprises 30% of the brain by dry weight and 73% of total liver fat. We have known that lecithin dissolves fat and cholesterol in the body since 1935 and yet this fact is little known or utilized by the general public today to cure heart disease and improve brain and nerve function.

The modern food industries have largely discarded lecithin from modern foods and as a result a new medical industry of heart disease has blossomed in America and the world into medicine’s greatest income maker of all time — heart diseases. Most all hospitals, surgeons, doctors, nurses, medical insurers, medical device makers, medical office workers, nursing homes, and many more depend on heart disease for their primary income and support. And this will come crashing down like a modern day medical stock market crash when lecithin is added back into the modern diets of man on a wide scale.

Egg lecithin is the best lecithin for healing but organic soy lecithin is a very close second and even regular soy lecithin will work. It is much better however to use organic soy lecithin because most all soybeans grown today are genetically modified frankenfoods which have many unwanted and unknown side-effects. Two to six tablespoons per day of lecithin granules will completely end and reverse the buildup of cholesterol in the body within a year and end heart disease. But lecithin will cure far more than just heart disease. With arteries no longer clogged with cholesterol kidneys work much better, diabetes disappears when your craving for sugar disappears, and when fats are now digested properly and used for energy no one will have need for gall bladder surgeries. The sugar industries of cola companies, cereal companies, candy companies, and more will see their revenue cut in half when lecithin is added back into the diet. And baldness and hair loss will disappear as hair is naturally regrown again when lecithin is taken.

Lecithin increases energy greatly because it is the primary transporter of nutrients in and out of the cells. When energy increases weight loss becomes much easier as people feel better and are more active naturally. Why lecithin as the primary fat loss nutrient is not promoted is a mystery to me as this is the one nutrient most overweight people need to keep the weight off for good and to have abundant energy. Lecithin is the primary nutrient needed to dissolve fats in the body and use them for energy rather than simple sugars.

The biggest benefits of lecithin granules will be for the elderly who will see the most dramatic improvement in health within a few weeks time. National depression and memory problems will become lessened or non-existent as lecithin is added back into the western diets. Nursing homes will be emptied and bankrupted as elderly people will be able to care for themselves again and thrive without most memory illnesses of today.

The quality of elderly life will improve greatly and social security will be bankrupted with widespread lecithin usage as elderly people live much longer lives and do not die of heart attacks early. And so social security will have to be continually moved back to 70 or 75 years for retirement instead of the 62 to 65 years currently.

Modern created dietary lecithin shortages have built modern medicine to be nearly 50% of the western world’s economy. And when lecithin is added back into the diet it will create tremendous waves of energy, vitality, and increased quality of life and health. But the question is what will humans do with this new lease on life and living. Will it bankrupt the western worlds or revitalize them. Where will all the healthcare workers go to support themselves? What would happen to all the bankrupt nursing homes and hospitals in America alone. Might they become a new industry of elder senior recreation centers for daily and nightly entertainment?

Lecithin is essential to life and the body makes it but without the many needed essential fatty acids and b-vitamins which are also in short supply in the diet it quickly falls behind and saturated fats and cholesterol soon overwhelms the body. But when lecithin is added the cholesterol in the arteries is quickly dissolved and health is restored. The trick is to use 2 to 6 tablespoons of lecithin granules per day to get enough. But after just a week’s usage of increased energy, clarity, and better sleep most people will be convinced of the benefits and continue with it indefinitely.

The apparent news media blackout of lecithin’s benefits to end heart disease is troubling. The newspapers, magazines, TV, and radio stations depend on the medical revenues of big businesses and so few media outlets will run a story that could end a major source of revenue for them. Perhaps lecithin should be renamed and called a miracle drug to prevent heart disease. Then charge $10 per pill and allow it only with a prescription. Then the public will become interested in the new lecithin drug and readily begin taking it to cure their heart diseases. But the drug industries are not about curing diseases but rather the opposite and lecithin is sadly very cheap and inexpensive. So until the public is awakened by the general media about lecithin only alternative medicine and local health food stores will have lecithin as a cure for heart disease. But in time who can say what may happen in the collective human psyche.