Learning the Meaning Behind Dreams for a Better Life


Can Your Dreams Help You Succeed In Life?

Dreams – we all have them. But are they really significant in the real world? Many people do believe that remembering and learning to interpret your dreams can help you solve problems in the waking world, confront and conquer repressed feelings and issues that you avoid or are afraid to deal with in the waking world, and can help you to become the best person that you can be.

Since the beginning of recorded history, dreams have played a significant role in the lives of many people. Military, political, and spiritual decisions have been made because of a dream. In some tribes, the crossover from childhood to manhood includes isolating oneself from the rest of the tribe and communing with the spirit world through dreams. The dreams are believed to reveal to the young man what his purpose in this life will be – the path that he should take for his journey through his life on earth.

Dreams are the brain’s way of sorting all of the information taken in during your waking hours. While we may be faintly aware of things going on in the background, the brain only focuses on what is of the most significance at the moment – everything else is stored away to be dealt with at a later time – and that occurs in our dreams.

Dreams can be a way for you to take a close look at yourself and learn just exactly what makes you tick – what your true desires are. Dreams can also provide you with a way to face the things that you do not like about yourself and learn to change these aspects of your personality into something that is positive and more productive in your waking life.

Some people base all of their personal, business, and social decisions on what they learn from interpreting their dreams. They learn to manipulate their dreams in order to focus on decisions in their lives that need to be made.

Sigmund Freud, one of the greatest minds of the 19th century, revolutionized he study of dreams. He called dreams the “royal road to the unconscious”. Freud’s initial assessment of dreams was that all dreams were of a sexual nature. While he later gave up that theory, he clung to the theory that dreams are a wish fulfillment – a way for our conscious minds to become aware of what our deepest desires may be as well as our deepest fears.

Carl Jung studied under Freud. His views on dreams differed quite dramatically – to the point that they parted company and went their separate ways in their studies of dreams. Jung believed that dreams were more spiritual in nature. Like Freud, Jung believed that dreams were a “window to our unconscious” – a way of communicating and acquainting ourselves with the unconscious. Through our dreams, we can explore our true feelings and find solutions to problems we are facing in our waking life. Jung believed that our dreams “serve to guide the waking self to achieve wholeness” – a unity of body, spirit, and mind.

Your dreams can help you bring about a unity of body, spirit, and mind by showing you the path in life that will lead to happiness. Many times we may take a job because the pay is good, the benefits are good, and the “social status” we are searching for can be obtained through this job. But, if the job does not make us happy – if the job is not the career that we truly desire – is this keeping us from feeling successful? In many cases, the answer is yes.

Being successful means different things to different people. But to most people, being successful means that we are achieving our goals in a personal, professional, and social aspect. Your dreams can actually help you on your journey to success. Dreams allow you to explore your true desires and once your true desires are identified, you can begin the task of achieving them. Dreams can help you face aspects of your personality that you may not like – and once you have faced them, you have the power of changing these things about yourself and becoming the best person that you can be.

Throughout the history of man, even during the days of the Bible, dreams have played a significant role. God spoke to many through their dreams. Many people have been warned of medical problems in their dreams – and in many cases were able to make changes that helped them avoid the medical problem. Dreams are way to create a unity in mind, body, and spirit – thus creating a way for us to achieve success in our lives. Dreams are one of the free resources available to help us choose the path in life that will fulfill all of our desires.