Learn What Causes Anxiety & How Do You Cure it Permanently?

Anxiety is a problem that affects a person's entire persona and daily routine.

It has the power to control the way we have and the symptoms, which can be translated physically, is enough to scare the toughest of men. The fear that people get from anxiety is always extra incapacitating since the individual has no idea why he or she is afraid.

The question here is then: " What causes anxiety? "

Knowing what causes anxiety is half the battle to overcoming the unwanted and oftentimes incomprehensible feeling.

So, what causes anxiety?

When doctors and psychologists looked into cases of many people that have suffered panic related disorders due to anxiety, they have found that what causes anxiety in many of the studies is stress in the individual's life.

Different people have different levels of tolerance for stress and, as such, can have various effects depending on the person feeling the stress. What causes anxiety is the lack of proper management of stressful feelings or situations.

However, even those who are highly prone to anxiety can learn to control the urges or reactions that might lead to an anxiety attack. Learning to think positively is one of the ways to control an individual's stress levels.

Recognizing if the signs of anxiety.

Knowing that what causes anxiety is primarily stress, there are also other things that may indicate that a person is about to experience heavy anxiety which may lead to an anxiety attack. Some of the physical indicators that someone may be about to experience an anxiety attack is as follows:

  • Numbness or Tingling. Experiencing random sensations of either numbness or tingling is a sign that may lead to the experience of anxiety.
  • Irregular Heartbeats. One of the most common physical symptoms of what causes anxiety attacks is the irregular beating of the person's heart. Included here are heart palpitations.
  • Nausea. Oftentimes, someone who is about to or is already experiencing some anxiety will feel very nauseous. The nausea is accompanied by an unsettled stomach and some sweating as well as hot or cold flashes.
  • Muscle Problems. We know that what causes anxiety is stress but an early sign that someone is getting stressed are tense muscles and backaches.

Because the signs of anxiety are primarily physical symptoms, it may be easy for an individual to mistake the symptoms for some other kind of physical illness. In fact, anxiety and the consequent panic attacks that they cause are often mistaken as heart attacks or strokes.

Thinking that the anxiety attack is much worse than it really is, it heightens the fear of the individual and may cause the panic attack to develop into a more severe case.

Remember that knowing what causes anxiety and anxiety attacks is half the battle to prevent the frequent occurrence of the attacks.