Learn Ulcer Symptoms and How to Detect an Ulcer Early

As time passes and the world evolves towards a better future more and more people are having health problems and are suffering from one of the modern-day diseases, caused by today’s lifestyle. Among these diseases, one of them affects more than 25 million people only in the United States and millions throughout the world find out that they are suffering from it each year. This common disease is ulcer. It’s not a new illness but the modern lifestyle makes the ulcer’s victims number grow each year.

Therefore it’s important that as much people as possible know the facts about ulcer and know how to discover if they are suffering from it as fast as possible, because the sooner it’s discovered the easier the treatment is and furthermore, the chances that complications appear are close to zero when ulcer is in it’s early stage.

Ulcer is mainly caused by a bacteria called H. pylori that millions of us are infected with because it is transmitted very easy from one person to another. But this bacteria alone is not enough to get someone ill with ulcer. The bacteria very slowly deteriorates the protective membrane inside the lining of the stomach, duodenum, or esophagus. When somebody that carries H pylori alo drinks alcohol and coffee, and smokes, the substances inside these products quicken the eating of the membrane. Stress, spicy food and anti-inflammatory medication such as aspirin also contribute to the membrane’s deterioration. Once the lining is eaten a wound appears. This wound is the ulcer itself and if it’s left untreated it will evolve and cause serious trouble in the organism.

So everybody should know what are the signs of ulcer and how it manifests so that they treat and cure it fast.

These are the most encountered ulcer symptoms:

As soon as it appears it causes heartburn, a burning sensation of pain in the middle and upper areas of the stomach. This pain is light in the beginning and as ulcer advances it grows and eventually it will become quite disturbing. This pain often occurs when the stomach is empty, so many times it will make itself felt in the middle of the night.

After a good meal, people suffering from ulcer often experience indigestion and a feeling of discomfort that is relieved by taking antiacids.

Other encountered symptoms caused by ulcer are vomiting, fatigue and nausea.

If ulcer is left untreated the wound gets worse and reaches blood vessels. In this case the ulcer is called bleeding ulcer. Bleeding ulcer’s symptoms include vomiting a vomit that contains blood, and stool that is black and also contains blood.

These are the symptoms that most patients suffering from ulcer have experienced. If you’ve felt any of the things above quickly visit a doctor and ask for his advice. Remember, don’t delay the visit because it will only get worse and you may regret it afterwards.