Learn To Recognize The Signs And Symptoms Of Type Two Diabetes Before It Gets To Be To Late

One of the main elements in people suffering from type two diabetes is thought to be obesity. It is thought of the increase in diabetes, the role of obesity in these sufferers may be up to eight or nine out of ten. Being overweight is thought to make the sufferer more resistant to the effects of insulin and helping to metabolize sugars. But it is not only the amount that the person is overweight that can cause the problems. It is also the way that the weight is disturbed that may be the problem. If the fat is more in the higher section of the body then it is more likely to be associated with type 2 diabetes. Of course this is not the reason for all of the type 2 diabetes but it does affect a large proportion of the type 2 suffers.

One of the factors in is though to be a condition called metabolic syndrome. This is characterized by weight gain around the waist and can be associated with heart disease as well. This condition is very prevalent in the US where up to 25% are now thought to have this condition. This condition is thought to be the cause or to contribute to a wide variety of illnesses and conditions. Type 2 diabetes also has an element of inheritance for around a third of sufferers. This does not mean that all of the suffers that have families that have diabetes have inherited it. It might also be that the lifestyles of the sufferers might have something to do with it. Families very often have similar diets and lack of exercise and this might well contribute to the figures as well.

Testing is very important for those that are thought to be at risk of diabetes and is sometimes carried out on a regular basis. If someone has a family that has diabetes, or is very overweight, or is in any of the other risk areas, then they are likely to be tested. The most common test for diabetes is the fasting plasma glucose test. This is where the patient is tested for blood sugar levels that are not correct after eight hours of fasting. Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition, but with the right care and a good diet is treatable and should not affect the lifestyle of the sufferer too much. But it is important to get diagnosed and treated by a doctor as soon as possible.