Learn How to Lose Weight and Look Great


Each year we struggle with trying to lose weight and get rid of the belly budge that haunts us each time we look in the mirror or get into shower.

Each New Year my resolution is good health, success, and to become fifteen pounds less. As the year progresses I always receive two out of my three resolutions. Which is not bad, but when you're trying on swimwear in June for the summer it can be quite disappointing.

But now I have achieved my third resolution and I'm here to show you how you can shed those unwanted pounds, so when you go to beach all eyes and smiles will be focused on you and only you.

Step one: Journal / keep track of your weight loss and what you eat

o Purchase a journal – You need to keep track of what you eat each day. This will help you organize your meals, so you do not open the fridge and eat whatever falls out. Many people get lazy and they eat the first thing they see, so they do not have to prepare their meals. This is also why 70 percent our country is obese.

o Write down what you eat each day.

o Set a goal weight – You need to weigh yourself on the scale (do not lie!) Jot down your weight and the weight you will like to be in the next couple of months.

o Weigh yourself – at the end of the week and write down your current weight.

Step two: Exercise

o Do a five minute warm up (example: stretches)

o The trick to enjoying a workout is to "never call it working out. Exercise is key to maintaining your weight loss and believe it or not it is more important than diet.

o Do 30 minute cardio session tree times a week: (walking, jumping rope, sprinting, yoga, biking, running, swimming etc …)

o Do a 20 minute strength workout twice a week which entails working out the arms with weights, leg lifts, push ups, sit ups etc … Once you see the end results you'll, look and feel like a new person.
Step three nutrition:

o Never skip breakfast – Some people try to lose weight by cutting down on the number of meals they eat that really is not a good strategy. Skipping meals often just means that you'll be starving later and wind up overeating.

o Get 1,600 calories a day and 64 oz. of water

Dietary Supplements

o Dietary supplements are up to you. You may want to discuss what you need with your doctor or if you're lacking energy a little iron vitamin C can help.


Use pictures to motivate as your key to success. The choice is yours. If you are going to be successful, it takes a commitment to improved health and wellness. It also requires constant vigilance to stay motivated. Good Luck!