Learn How to Create a Chunky Look For Your Hair

Is chunky and separated hair something you would like to achieve? If you want to add volume and style to your hair, try separating it into pieces. Here are some tips and techniques for creating piecey hair.

Look for suitable product choices. Piecey sections to the hair can be accomplished with the proper products. In order to know what you need for a piecey look, you can visit you local salon or even the hair product section at a discount store. Purchase hair wax, gel or fixative made just for your kind of hairdo. Since you just need a single product, you should investigate to discover the ideal one for your tresses. 

Your hair should be dry when beginning to style. The hair should be dried thoroughly as the first step to achieving the chunky look. Using the blowdryer will completely dry it. It is impossible to get piecey hair, if it’s wet. (You will face difficulty if the products stick to each other. 

Put the products on your hair. After buying the right type of product for your hair, take a small portion of the product on your fingertips and apply fully to your hair when it is dry. The center of the hair shaft is to be caught hold of. (Don’t put it too close to the top, or your hair will cling to your scalp, giving it a greasy appearance.). Next, draw your fingers down the length of your hair. Exercise caution and apply product sparingly to avoid ending up with oily, not piecey tresses. Keep picking out random sections all over your scalp till you get the look you want. As you go, you may need to reapply the product to your fingertips. Make sure that the product is not visible when the thick chunks of your hair are dry. The idea is that the piecey style should look like the natural state of your hair. 

This works for any hair length. Almost hairstyle will look elegant if you create a chunky look. Since the different layers of hair are accentuated, short layered hair looks great. But also, since piecey looks break up the length of the hair with some volume and style, for longer hairstyles they are great. Whatever may be the length of your hair or the hair style you have, within a short time, you can get a chunky look to your hair using one product. The outcome will be quite rewarding.