Learn About Your Bones: The Effects of Osteoporosis

Can you name all of the bones in your body? It is okay if you can’t because most people cannot do this. When you are a woman living with osteoporosis it is important that you know which bones you are more at risk to fracture and what effect it will have on your body if and when it happens. By the end of this article you should be able to identify some of the bones within the body that are directly affected by osteoporosis.


All of a woman’s bones are at risk for osteoporosis but places like the wrist, hip and spine are the most common areas. Our spine is what allows us to stand upright and what supports our body and when fractures occur in this area it causes a great deal of pain and problems for us. You can end up having a hunchback, severe back pain and many other conditions from spinal fractures alone so this is something you should be very cautious about.


It would be very beneficial for you if you have a bone density test conducted. This type of test can test the strength of your bones. There are numerous types of these tests but when you consult with your physician he will inform of the tests that you need to have done. I would advise you to have a bone density starting at the age of sixty because the earlier the better.


Those of you who have a history of broken bones from early childhood and adolescence are more prone to fracturing bones later in life. Consult with your physician regarding this and document any broken bones as an adult so that you can keep a record of all occurrences.


Orthopedic surgeons are the doctors who treat skeletal fractures. If you were not taken to an orthopedic when you are a child that is quite alright. This usually means that you rode your bike on the sidewalk with a helmet or you listened to your parents when they told you not to climb trees. While I do not have any broken bone stories, I recall my eldest brother jumping from a tree claiming to have been up there rescuing a cat and he didn’t quite land on his feet. A lot of kids have broken things at one point in time. I just wanted to familiarize you with the orthopedic surgeon’s role.


Educating yourself on osteoporosis will make it easier for you to manage and better control your condition. I know that being diagnosed with a condition of this magnitude can be a shell shocker but you have to hang on and remain strong. Whoever you pray to at night, your God did not bring you this far in vain and you have to remind yourself of this. For me, when situations arise that seem too much to bare I remind myself that I although I may feel lonely I am never alone. Live a happy and healthy today.