Lean Muscle Protein Shakes

A low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet is quite difficult to stick to for any length of time. Very soon, the craving for familiar stomach fillers like bread, rice and potatoes begins to hit you. Even if you overcome the mental cravings, you will find yourself getting hungry at odd times, and not feeling "filled up" after meals.

Why do you get these physical cravings?

First of all, the mind exerts a lot of control over the body, in ways that are not immediately obvious. What seems to be a physical craving may also be mostly mental.

Secondly, there is definitely a part of the craving that is physical. Most people automatically eat less once they cut down on carbs. To top it off, your body is still used to producing digestive secretions at the intervals that it had previously, so the cravings until your body gets used to the new routine.

What can you do to combat them?

First, drink lots of water. A lot of our "hunger" is caused by hyperacidity in the stomach. Water dilutes the acid, helping you stall the hunger for a while.

When you realize you are really hungry and no amount of water helps, go for a protein shake. You will find various varieties in the market, including organic ones. Look out for protein mixes based on hemp, soy or brown rice. If you do not like the taste of the shake mix flavors, buy an unflavored protein powder and add fruit to make your snack even richer in trace nutrients.

A protein shake will help you stick to your low-carb diet and yet help you feel energetic and well-nourished for at least two hours. Adjust the amounts of high-protein shake mix and fruit to suit your preferences, and soon you will find the perfect snack to beat your cravings.