Having a LCD TV at home means that you can enjoy watching your favorite programs on TV without encountering any subtle inconveniences, due to the provision of fascinating features that every TV set holds to enhance the level of viewing experience of its dear consumers. One such feature of the TV set is the TV DVD combo, which simply means that the TV set is also equipped with a built-in DVD player. Thanks to this feature, you won’t have to trouble yourself with the act of connecting an additional DVD player for watching your favorite movies.

Advantages of the TV DVD combo:

• It helps to save space in your room that makes it beneficial in the rooms where space is considered a luxury.

• There’s no need for another remote control for controlling the integrated DVD player.

• It helps to minimize the clutter that wiring makes.

A 32 inch flat screen LCD TV with an integrated DVD player is an average size TV set for accommodating in your room. Now, let me introduce you to some of the most popular TV sets of the above mentioned criteria.

Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 LCD HDTV with Built in DVD player

The Magnavox 32MD350B/F7 offers you excellent picture as well as sound quality and it can be bought at a considerable price of about $449.99.

Features of the Magnavox 32MD350B/F7:

• 720p HD resolution

• 32 inch flat screen LCD TV

• A Clear Pix engine

• Adaptive 3D Digital Comb Filter

• Auto Volume leveler feature

• 2 HDMI inputs

Sansui HDLCDVD325 32 Inch LCD HDTV DVD Combo

It can be bought at a considerable price of about $463.27.

Features of Sansui HDLCDDVD325:

• 1020p HD resolution

• Aspect ratio of 16:9

• Contrast ratio of 800:1

• Built-in ATSC/NTSC tuner

Toshiba 32CV100U LCD DVD Combo TV

It can be bought at a considerable price of around $469.

Features of Toshiba 32CV100U:

• 720p HD resolution

• DynaLight technology

• 3 HDMI inputs

• A PC input