Lawn Care For Fungus

In lawn care, fungus is one of the many conditions you need to deal with if you would like to maintain a quality lawn. To know if you have this, you may notice yellow grass. But, this can be caused by other things as well, including insects or damage from chemicals and even gasoline spills. Yellow grass can also be caused by cutting it too closely, other disease or even dog urine. The fact is, you need to be sure you know you have a fungus before treating it as such. Once you know that you have this problem, then you can take the right steps to rectify the condition.

Using Fungicides

One of the most often used methods to deal with lawn fungus is a fungicide. There are several types of fungicides that you can use. The first is contact fungicide. The others include systemic fungicide and penetrant fungicide.

Contact fungicides are used to kill these pores that come in contact with the product. They remain there for the long term on the surface of the plant. A systemic fungicide is applied to the location and then it will move through the circulation system of the plant to protect the plant from the condition. The final option is a penetrant fungicide. This is similar to the others, but they are used heavily as preventative maintenance rather than a treatment. This treatment will prevent the pathogens from growing.

Types Of Fungus

When considering fungus, realize that there are several other types. Some of these including leaf spot melting out, grease spot, snowmold, brown patch and rusarium blight.

Many people are simply not experienced with this type of lawn care problem, which means it can be helpful for you to contact your local professional to help you in managing it. This is a good idea so that the professional can determine what the actual problem is, apply the appropriate treatment and you can have your located handled quickly and effectively. Handling the problem quickly allows for a long term benefit to the grass.

Taking preventative measures to help in stopping the problem before it happens is important. If you do notice something is not right, get help as soon as possible. If you simply leave it, chances are good that you will have a larger problem. If you wish to have a lush lawn, then you do need to pay attention to possible lawn care problems like fungus.