Lavender Benefits As Ingredient to Organic Shampoos

Lavender oils are essential oil extracts from the lavender obtained by distilling specific species of lavender. This essential oil provides natural fragrance that most perfume or aromatherapy products’ manufacturers normally use to enhance the effects of their goods. The lavender oil fragrance as well as its medicinal characteristics made the anti aging care essential oil as one of the most popular ingredients in perfumes and organic shampoos.

The botanical name of lavender is lavandula. The name came from the Latin word lavandus, which means to wash. Lavender belongs to the mint family. It is available in many forms such as oil, extract, or flower water. It is often use in colognes, massage oils, shampoos, laundry products, and creams. There are two distinguished forms of lavender namely the distillate lavender spike oil and the insoluble colorless lavender flower oil.

Lavender essential oil is known to provide major health benefits such as pain relief, enhance blood circulation, calm tension, cure respiratory problems, motion sickness, heartburns, whooping cough, sinus congestion, and even disinfect skin and scalp. Lavender helps you maintain and improve skin complexion. Lavender is an antiseptic that also effectively repel moths.

Lavender essential oil aroma for the nerves

The aromatic scent calms tension and acts as nerve tonic. The aroma helps treat emotional stress such as depression, anxiety, and nervous tension. This essential oil is best for your anti aging care.

Hair lice

Lavender essential oil is known for its antibacterial qualities and its ability to eliminate lice and nits or lice eggs.

Hair loss

Lavender is great for the treatment of alopecia areata, a kind of hair loss illness, as well as scalp psoriases. The ingredient naturally soothes the scalp. Lavender essential oil is effective in preventing hair loss when mix with other shampoo ingredients rosemary, cedar wood, and thyme. This is a very important part of your anti aging care.

The oil can definitely help you solve your hair loss problems. You only need to learn the right mixture or the right mix organic ingredients to create the hair growth treatment solution. You many observe that if you use commercial shampoos often, you tend to experience falling hair and thinning of hair. Try to use the organic ingredients for your shampoo. You will see remarkable improvements to your thinning hair in a few days.

Skin toner for anti aging care

It is a refreshing and restorative skin toner. It is one of the rare essential oils that can be used directly on the skin without dilution. It also helps with minor cuts and scrapes.

Vertigo and fainting

The oil helps prevent vertigo and fainting.

Acne and acne rosacea

It is used by many aromatherapists for the treatment of acne and acne rosacea.

Here is one sample of lavender essential oil hair growth formula

In one empty travel size lotion bottle you mix

25 drops of rosemary oil

20 drops of lavender oil

You feel your best when you know that your hair and your skin look good. Switching to healthier diet or taking exercise could be a good start to improve the health of your skin and hair.