Lasting Longer in Bed

Hopefully you've been paying attention to the information from my articles. Better yet, I hope you've started using it and have made some life changes and increased your performance.

Today we're going to talk about arousal and how it's a MAJOR contributor to premature ejaculation. If you do not use these techniques to control arousal and last longer, chances are you will never last very long. At best you might make it to Mr. Average.

Arousal control is crucial to learn if you want to last longer and delay ejaculation. Learning to control arousal should be one of your main objectives right from the very beginning.

Let me be CLEAR that this is not about shunning out arousal and taking away the wonderful pleasures of sex. That only makes things worse for both parties (because women can sense when you're not paying attention or not enjoying the act, and it turns them off). Also, trying to avoid arousal will only make you more sensitive to it.

The approach is simply to learn how to regulate arousal so you can allow yourself to go through the arousal-pleasure process slower, so that you adequately satisfy your lady, and so that you too can get more out of the deal, including long-thinking Sensual sex, and, of course, a more explosive orgasm for the finale.

By controlling your arousal, you prevent an overabundance of energy (by energy, I mean blood, hormones, neurochemistry, and chemical reactions) from building up and causing ejaculation and orgasm. You're basically keeping your body from activating the ejaculation-inducing sympathetic system, by keeping yourself relaxed and in a parasympathetic state. Learning to control arousal will also aid in building your tolerance for receiving physical and mental sexual stimulation.

Someone with the ability to control arousal can remain physically and mentally calm, clear minded, and relaxed for long periods of time through a sexual encounter. It's not that they are not aroused; They're just able to get to a certain level of arousal and stay there. The more you practice and become familiar with your body and sexual response, the longer you'll be able to maintain control.

Before you learn how to control arousal, it's important to understand how it works. First of all, no one can fully explain EXACTLY how arousal and the human sexual response operate. There is just too much physiology, psychology, and unknown phenomenon at work to comprehend. Different religions and cultures have surprisingly different opinions on how it all works.

Regardless, different people have different opinions on sexual arousal. I classify arousal into four basic stages that are easy to comprehend. Get familiar with these stages and become self-aware of the process as it happens through your body.

Stage 1 – A physical and / or a mental sensation triggers arousal and the penis begins to fill with blood, resulting in anection.

Stage 2 – The erection becomes fuller as arousal continues to climb. In this stage, you have a full inspection and everything should feel relaxed and under your control. Heart rate increases slightly. Your scrotum will hang fairly loose. In this stage, your parasympathetic system is more active than the sympathetic.

Stage 3 – Arousal becomes more intense and begins to take hold. Warm sensations develop in the genital area because more energy / blood has been drawn there. The Glans (penis head) increases in size, which results in an increased sensitivity. The scrotum and testicles snug up to the penis. Heart rate increases and breathing becomes more rapid. Ejaculation and orgasm seem imminent. The sympathetic system becomes more active and the calming effects of the parasympathetic system fade away.

Stage 4 – The intestinal arousal and continued mental and physical stimulation has led to a buildup of energy in the pelvic / genital area, causing your nervous system to become stimulated enough to prepare for ejaculation. The perineal muscles contract as ejaculation and orgasm occurrence.

Keep in mind, there is no time frame for these stages of arousal. The whole process can happen in a minute or an hour; It just depends on how fast you allow it to happen. Naturally, because of our body's urge to reproduce, it will happen quickly if left uncontrolled.

What's even more IMPORTANT to understand is that getting to stage 3 can be done WITHOUT any physical stimulation. This is why most men ejaculate prematurely! They were already in stage 3 by the time they started stimulation! This is just like what happened to the guy from American Pie, except he went all the way to stage 4 before stimulation (that can actually happen too, and if it does, you really need to calm down and clear your head). As I mentioned, the arousal process can happen very quickly if not kept under control; It's only human nature.