Lasik Vision – Get Yourself A New Look!

Lasik is a new type of laser eye surgery performed by ophthalmologists for correcting myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Lasik is the full form for laser assisted in situ keratomileusis. This new Lasik vision imparts a corrective vision to the patients with his full recovery and less pain!!

Microkeratome, an instrument in Lasik eye surgery is used to make a flat circular flap around the most delicate part of the eye that is cornea. But to make it simpler eye surgeons have a newer way of making the flap with the lasers. Excimer, one of the lasik lasers is produced to perform Lasik operations.

LASIK presents a modus operandi that is trouble-free and very fast. Laser appliance is for seconds depending on quantity of rectification required in the eyeball. 20 seconds is the maximum application time. Eye drops with freezing effects are applied preceding the LASIK application. LASIK surgeons give medicine as Valium to eliminate any irritating feeling or soreness in the eye.

This technology actually involves the reformation of cornea of your eye which corrects the refractory vision problems such as myopia and hyperopia. Presbyopia is an age related problem and cannot be cured with it.

Lasik Vision correction treats cornea irregularities such as Farsightedness, Astigmatism, and Nearsightedness. A fruitful outcome is what the Lasik surgeons work for. Some people are not eligible for Lasik vision correction. They are the ones who have diabetic or certain diseases or take particular medications. Even kids under 18 and pregnant women are boycotted from surgery. An eye examination is taken to correct the sight so as to know whether the results will be fine or not.

A technician who is trained in managing the difficult machines and tools is provided by a reputed LASIK eye institute during the surgery. Eye drops intended for freezing are used prior to the surgery. Though normal activities can be resumed after 24 hours of surgery, but certain precautions need to be taken for not many weeks thereafter.

LASEK, another technology is also being adapted in LASIK eye institutes. It is an improved version of LASIK as it doesn’t involve making any cut; only the laser beam is employed for the function. It is a safer and finer option. So go ahead and enjoy he real colours of life.