Laser Treatment For Nail Fungus – Assessing The Effectiveness

Laser treatment involves the use of ultraviolet beams to cure fungus that typically attack nails. Fungi prosper better in moist and dirty areas and poor nail hygiene could just invite them over. The fact is that everyone is prone to their attack. Laser treatment for nail fungus has proven to be 90 percent successful in patients, with results showing total removal of the parasite.

How The Laser Procedure Works?

Until recently, laser treatment has been known to be cure for problems of the eye. Today, it is used to treat nail fungus infections. The affected nail is pierced using the beam of light by the podiatrist, prompting the fungus to vaporize.

The frequency of the beam is controlled such that it only attacks the cells of the skin responsible for causing the infection. The procedure is short lived and would take approximately 10 to 20 minutes per nail.

In the case of treating more than one infection, more time is devoted to the procedure. There will be no need for hospitalizing the patient once the procedure is through and nail polish can be applied soon after.

How Effective Is Laser Treatment?

The effectiveness of laser treatment for nails is rated at above 90 percent and is highly recommended by doctors worldwide. Since the laser rays execute the bacteria from beneath the nail, chances of the infection spreading to other nails are nil.

Compared to other remedies for nail fungus most of which require topical application, in the laser treatment the beam is directly pointed onto the infected nail. The procedure is fast, painless and does not require mixing numerous elements to have the right portion.

Procedure – A common procedure in treating nail fungus is to remove the whole affected nail so that a new one grows. However, for the laser treatment, there will be no need to pull out the entire nail in the name of curing the disease. Besides, the laser light is only allowed to penetrate the areas of the nail affected with the infection. Thus, there is no need to cover the other nails which may not be infected.

Duration – Seeking other methods of treatment for nail fungus may be time consuming as they take long before the final results are realized. Others take years before the infection is eliminated completely. Laser treatment on the other hand only requires that you visit the podiatrist twice and your nail will be cured of the infection entirely. Each of the session only take 10 to 20 minutes so when compressed together, the total time you will spend with your doctor should be less than half an hour.

Cost – The only down side of the laser treatment for nail fungus is that it can be quite costly that may cost you hundreds of dollars. This is attributable to the basic fact that the procedure is pretty novel as far as treating nail infections are concerned. On top of that, insurance companies deem the procedure as an aesthetic cure further escalating costs for patients who opt for it. It is thus wise to discuss with your doctor on matters regarding the seriousness of your infection and the amount you plan to spend on treating it.