Laser Cryptolysis And Halitosis

Cryptolysis is known as a surgical treatment which is used to take care of the causes underlying bad breath (halitosis). Cryptolysis is a non-invasive treatment method that is conducted with no need of general anesthesia. It makes use of CO2 laser technologies to do away with halitosis. So, so how exactly does cryptolysis function to stop halitosis?

The oral mucous membrane is made up of crypts that are somewhat deep pits, or invaginations within the mucosal lining of oral structures. The tonsils consist of the deepest crypts which are also several. In these kinds of crypts, food particles collect and invite bacteria which decompose these particles. When sulfur producing bacteria invade the tonsillar crypts, halitosis is pronounced. Research has shown that sulfur producing bacteria are the main reason behind halitosis which is immune to treatment. The build up of food debris, white blood cells, bacteria and cellular debris within the tonsillar crypts can lead to the formation of tonsillar stones which can worsen halitosis even additionally. Cryptolysis eliminates the crypts of the tonsils that happen to be the principle source of halitosis in many patients. Occasionally, cryptolysis can be carried out on the gums because they include crypts which can predispose to halitosis.

Cryptolysis entails making use of laser to remove the crypts within the tonsils and/or the gums. The laser smoothes out your tonsillar crypts; therefore, lowers the general surface area of the mucosal surface of the tongue which reduces the area available for sulfur producing bacteria. The application of laser incorporates destroying the crypts without eliciting the formation of excessive scar tissue. The operation is frequently carried out using local anesthesia. Over fifty percent of the patients who go through cryptolysis are completely halitosis-free after just one 30 minute treatment visit. Most patients require no more than 3 treatment sessions to eliminate halitosis entirely.

Cryptolysis is now considered one of the most hassle-free treatment plans for halitosis. It is a method that can be performed while on an out-patient basis and needs only topical anesthesia. In addition, the price of the operation is rather low. A cryptolysis procedure session normally costs less than 1/10 of that of a tonsillectomy. On the other hand, the efficiency of cryptolysis is undeniable. More than 96% of patients with halitosis, who undergo cryptolysis, are completely cured. The procedure also serves patients who experience of repeated attacks of tonsillitis. Those patients show a decrease in the amount of episodes of tonsillitis each year after undergoing cryptolysis.

Cryptolysis is non-invasive treatment which is used successfully to overcome halitosis. The procedure works through the elimination of the crypts on the surface on the tonsils and gums that gather sulfur producing bacteria which can be the primary causes underlying halitosis. Cryptolysis is secure, affordable and efficient in eradicating halitosis and tonsil stones.

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