Lap Band Surgery and Heart Attacks– Being Obese Mean Giving Invitation to Heart Attacks

Do you know what the causes behind heart attacks are? The most effective of heart attack is over weight. If you have overweight, you can suffer from heart attacks. The diseases are real enemies of ours which resides in our body. In the lack of knowledge we can’t see them and finally these diseases come in horrible shape before us. If you have over weight, you have more chances of overweight and other diseases. If you want to collect more information about other diseases, read this article carefully so that, you may be secure against such diseases.

If you are men and waist size of 45 plus, you can definitely suffer from lap band surgery and heart attacks and other related diseases. Right just, having a waist size of 35 plus is fatal for the women. Premature death is very common these days. The major cause of premature death behind the premature death is overweight and related diseases. Due to obesity the 300,000 deaths are happening per year and the number of death is increasing per year. You would be surprised that even people who are obese have a 50% premature death.

With overweight person you will find the cases of heart diseases. You will found an obese person suffering from cardiac death, angina or chest pain and even of heart attacks. The cases of cancer can also be observed with overweight people. The cancers are such as colon, gall bladder; prostate and kidney are well known. In women post-menopausal breast cancer can occur. These effects can be found with the women of 18 to midlife, compared to women whose weight is steady throughout life.

If you are suffering from overweight, and want to know about the programs through, which you can lose weight, you can make a wide search online and can get information about the programs through, which you can lose your overweight in regard of lap band surgery and heart attack.