Landing an Interview to Get a Job As a Medical Receptionist

There are several types of facilities where a medical receptionist can work at. These places can include private offices, doctor offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities and are the people who greet patients that come into the office or hospital and also are responsible for tasks including scheduling appointments, answering the phone, and other responsibilities. Once you have become trained and certified, getting the job is the next task to tackle. It can be hard to do just that as the economy is not the greatest, meaning it becomes harder and harder to land the perfect job. Landing the interview is going to open new doors to opportunities that are going to help expand your knowledge as well as your career. It helps to show employers your skills and how you are going to be a valuable asset to the company or office. You are going to need the skills needed to help stands you apart from the rest of the candidates, and here are some steps to ensure that you land that dream job.

Have a Current Resume

You should always have a resume that is up to date and current with all of your information such as work history and all of your personal information. Make sure that your resume lights skills you have, and make sure it is professional for potential employers. This is something essential when trying to land a job and you should include all skills such as computer and word processing skills you may have as most employers want someone who has computer experience. If you have any experience in the medical field, be sure to highlight that as well in your resume. This helps employers see that you are trained in certain areas and helps you stand out from others.


You should additionally make sure you are familiar with the employer's specialty as well. Maybe you might have some past experience working in that specified field such as dentistry or pediatrics. When you send your resume in to the employer, be sure to showcase that on your resume. Employers prefer those that have some sort of experience in their specialty. This also helps to familiarize yourself with what is going to be expected of you.

Dress Professionally

Wearing professional clothing shows the employee that you are interested in the position and are serious about getting the job. Avoid wearing casual clothes as well as short skirts or shorts. Wear button up blouses or other professional looking shirts and dress slacks or trousers. Anything professional appearing should be chosen over other risqué clothing. You should also try and arrive at your interview early to show potential employers that you are timely and will arrive on time to a job if offered the position.

Follow Up

Once you have been interviewed, you should follow up in a few days to see if a decision has been made or to see if they need other questions answered. This is going to show them that you take initiative and could potentially get you the job. These interviewing tips are great and will help you get one step closer to finding the ideal job.