Kugel Hernia Patch Lawsuit Facts


Kugel technique is an important step in the treatment of inguinal hernia. It is based on the introduction of the pro-peritoneal approach in the open surgery. Kugel technique consists in the insertion of a prosthetic device in the pro-peritoneal space, of course after reducing and treating the hernia bag. As humans are submitted to mistakes, sometimes this device is not compatible with the patient’s body and the consequence can be Kugel hernia patch lawsuit. In this case, it is recommended to look for a Kugel mesh-patch recall lawyer, who can help and guide such unfortunate patients.

If you are a patient suffering from hernia, it is better to know some facts about it, before contacting a Kugel mesh-patch recall lawyer. Applying the prosthesis on the same part of the abdominal wall, where the intra-abdominal pressure is as well applied, this pressure contributes to keeping the integrity of the abdominal wall repair and it does not act as an enemy, as it happens in the case of previous approaches, like laparoscopy.

Laparoscopy is a surgery procedure that uses a thin tube that is illuminated, called laparoscope, introduced in the abdomen through a small incision, at the level of the abdominal wall that is used especially for the examination of abdominal organs. Kugel hernia patch lawsuit can be avoided if you have an elementary theoretic support on hernia.

The prosthesis has been conceived as a device that can be introduced in the pro-peritoneal space through a minimal incision, then through its properties, it is extended and it is fixed in this intra-abdominal pressure space. It is made of two layers of polypropylene and it has a special shape.

If initially this device has been made by the surgeon of polypropylene mesh, now it is produced industrially of the same material. Between 1994 and 2003, the promoter of this technique (R.D. Kugel) used it in the treatment of many cases of inguinal hernia, both primary and recurrent. There have been recorded several recurrent hernias, when a Kugel mesh-patch recall lawyer had to be involved.

However, in time, surgeons have gained more experience, but several recurrences have been recorded after the treatment of primary inguinal hernias. In this case, Kugel hernia patch lawsuit has been necessary. As there is a quite significant rate of the recurrence, a Kugel mesh-patch recall lawyer must be always ready to assist people who face such complications.

Post operatory suppuration has occurred in the case of several patients and it has needed drainage. There can be cases when because a hematoma has been seriously infected, the mesh has to be taken out after few weeks since the operation. There can be cases of bilateral hernia operation when patients go to the doctor’s after 1-2 years of suppuration in the inguinal area that as well may need the extraction of the prostheses.

Even if apparently this affection is not very serious, it must be treated seriously since its beginning in order to avoid complications, from the point of view of your health and your financial situation, too.