Koumpounophobia – Button Phobia


Phobia of buttons is an actual recognised phobia and has been given the name koumpounophobia. Apparently koumpounophobia affects 1 in 75,000 people.

We’re faced with buttons all the time. Even if it’s not us wearing clothes with buttons on you’re sure to soon meet someone that is. Even a trip to the shopping mall, that is quite often a pleasureable experience for most as you search for that perfect summer top to go with the jeans you bought in the sales last month or you’re looking for something to spend your birthday vouchers on, either way it’s supposed to be a fun time but for anyone with koumpounophobia it can be quite the opposite. Every turn you make there is a shop front decked out with this seasons new collection all with fancy buttons on the front; shiny ones, bright coloured ones and all shapes and sizes. This sight can turn a koumpounophobic from a very normal person to a person with sheer terror. Their heart rate starts to pound, their body starts to shake and they begin to go out of control. Of course it isn’t like this for every koumpounophobic as some have it slight but it still comes with its own problems.

There are treatments available for koumpounophobia all with varying degrees of success but depends on each individual as to what works best as what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for the other. Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and reiki to name but a few.

So when you’re next on your weekend shopping trip or doing up the buttons on your new shirt spare a thought for the people who find this task so difficult.