Knowing What Is a Panic Attack

A panic attack can occur anytime or you are awake or sleep. If you are having one, you may also think that it feels like a heart attack. This will make you believe that it is a life and death situation that can add up to the fear that you feel.

Typically, the fear or anxiety that you experience during a panic attack is not connected to the event that is coming to you. Sometimes it is just your nervous system that became hyperactive or caused by too much alcohol in your body.

Panic attacks have several symptoms such as palpitations, weakness and numbness in your hands. You also feel that you are extremely terrified and hard up in breathing. These symptoms can be felt for about 10 minutes but can last longer. Once you were able to experience an attack, there is a higher risk for you to have another episode. You should be aware that if these attacks happen in a regular basis, it could be a panic disorder. It is best that you consult your doctor.

To prevent attacks from occurring, you should prepare your body by eating nutritious food and drinking at least 8 glasses of water. You should also have a restful sleep. Remember that becoming relaxed is a good way to keep your nervous system within its normal performance level.

Engaging in a regular schedule exercise can also be an outlet for the stressors in your daily life. You can drink alcohol but in moderate amounts. Modifying your lifestyle is a good way to combat the occurrence of another attacks.