Knee Fractures and Dislocations – How a Patella Knee Brace Can Help


The Knee Joint

The knee is the largest joint in the human body, and it’s used on a daily basis. Most of us take our knees for granted, and it’s not until something goes wrong with them that we take a moment, pause and realize just how much we actually need our knees.

1.) Knee Fractures

Knee fractures are rare. It is far more common to suffer a sprained or dislocated knee than it is to break it. In most cases, a knee fracture is caused by falling, extreme pressure being applied to the knee or a severe twisting of the knee.

Your knee is made up of three major bones: the knee cap or patella, lower thigh bone or distal femur and the leg bone (tibia). If you suffer a fracture, it is to one of these bones and it can be extremely painful. It generally takes a lot of force to break your knee. Usually, a knee fracture is caused by a sporting injury, a fall or extreme force, such as a car accident that causes your knee to be smashed against the dashboard.

2.) Symptoms

Symptoms of a dislocated knee or fractured knee are similar, and painful. Once you have dislocated your knee once, it is easier to dislocate it a second time, especially if the same forces that dislocated your knee the first time are reproduced a second time.

Symptoms include:




Unstable knee joint that makes it either impossible or difficult to walk

Unable to bend your knee

Kneecap is pushed to the side of the leg

If you suffer a fractured or dislocated knee, you will have to have the bone set or the knee placed back in the socket. Elevating the injured knee and applying cold packs are a good way to reduce swelling. You may also have to have your leg and knee splinted in order to immobilize it. Like many things, rest is imperative to the healing process.

3.) Knee Brace For Support

You could also consider using a knee brace to help add support to the knee. This is especially true if you have dislocated your knee. As mentioned above, your knee is more likely to get dislocated a second time, and the use of a brace can help prevent this from happening.

Protect your knee from injury by using a knee brace when engaging in sporting activities is a great way to prevent injury in the future. Do not take your knees for granted. Protect them whenever you can.