Knee Disorders & 4 Different Types of Knee Braces

Are you experiencing any problems with your knees?

Are you now more concerned about your mobility due to an injury or from knee pain?

If you have ever had knee pain that concerns you, then read on …

Knee related conditions can have a wide degree of severity, ranging from a sprain to a complete dislocation of the joint. Unfortunately, those of us that have knee problems can have exceptional amount of daily pain, as a result of sudden movements that cause an injury, or even accidental trauma to the joint. The knee joint is the most commonly involved joint in immune diseases that affect various tissues of the body including the joints to cause arthritis.

One way to help prevent knee disorders is to use knee braces. The four main types of knee braces are discussed below, each has its own category …

1.) Prophylactic (pronounced: pro-fa-lac-tick) braces. This specific type of knee brace was designed to protect an individuals knees from injuries during contact sports like football for example. You will see many college players today using this type of knee brace.

2.) Functional braces. These knee braces are designed for a person that has already been injured themselves. For example, functional knee braces can be used for someone that is recovering from an ACL injury.

3.) Rehabilitative braces. These help to limit medial to lateral movements, as well as helping to limit extension and flexion of the knee joint after an injury or surgery. Often times these braces, although useful, will be larger because they need to control / immobilize your leg more.

4.) Unloader / offloader braces. Last but not least, these knee braces are designed to provide relief to people who have arthritis in their knees, or improper alignment. In general, they help to keep proper alignment of the joint, if one compartment of your knee is starting to have irregular mechanical alignment. This can be called varus or valgus stress.

Many personal improvements of stability have been noted by individuals that wear knee braces to help reduce pain and to promote stability. These braces are now considered a very effective and low cost option for knee pain management.