King Bio Menopause Relief Formula Review


When trying to choose what to do about your menopausal symptoms, you may come to find how many countless options there are, and how many of them play on the sensitive emotional and physical state created by menopause. There are far too many to list, and each claims to hold some secret power that no other of its kind does. It runs the gamut of herbal remedies to prescriptions, to holistic treatments too. There are few I trust, however King Bio has been tried and found true. The first and most attractive prospect is safety. Most prescription medicines come with many very nasty seeming side effects. Some are so severe that when you compare the side effects of menopause in conjunction to the side effects of the medication, you may wonder why you began with it at all.

Herbal supplements are more often than not the best way to get the relief so desired without dealing with so many undesired things as well. Circulation and balance are two things that must be maintained at all costs in a menopausal woman. Hot flashes, mood swings, and anxiety of all forms can be attributed to these, and oftentimes the best and only way to combat it is with supplements. Amyl nitrosum has been used for centuries at least, and is known the world over to be very helpful in specifically the anxiety and nerves often associated with menopause

The reason why King Bio is so unique is that it comes in spray form. It can be used safely up to six times daily as needed, and contains the very common ingredient Sepia as well. Sepia works wonders in the realm of depression and mood swings, and you can be menopause will feel much less severe if you are not suffering from mood swings as well as depression and anxiety that causes them.

The icing on the medicinal cake here is Lachesis. Lachesis is one of the oldest and most commonly used remedies for treatment of estrogen imbalances during this time. More and more in our modern world women are finding their hormones to be increasingly unbalanced. There are not many treatments for this outside the realm of “prescription drugs” but this is one of the few and one of the best. Combining these three effective and tried and true ingredients into a fast acting and discrete spray is a safe and effective way to administer the medicine that is often very necessary at this point in a woman’s life.