Killing the Killers in You

Roundworms are parasites that can infect human beings via contact with animals, particularly animal feces. Poor hygiene habits can also cause roundworm infections. An inadequate diet and constipation are contributing factors.

Roundworms (nematodes) include ascares lumbricoides, hookworm, strongyloides stercoralis, ancylastoma caninum, whipworm, pinworm, toxocara canis, dirofilaria immitis (dog heartworm) and trichinosis.

Symptoms include, but are not limited to, restlessness, bruxism and spasms. Left untreated roundworms can lead to other health problems including digestive disorders, a dry cough, blood in the stools, anemia and weight disorders.

Among the allopathic doctors, there is little knowledge about parasites as the cause of disease in human beings. Conventional doctors have few diagnostic tests for parasites and very few drugs to treat parasites of any kind.

Fortunately, there are numerous alternative health remedies for roundworms. Any one of the following suggestions can be highly effective.

Take one half cup of raw pumpkin seeds per day for a period of three days.

Consume one garlic clove per day. Press it with the edge of a dull knife blade to release the active constituent allacin. Do this twice per day for ten days in a row to expel roundworms.

Eat three to four figs, preferably white figs, daily. Do this for 10 days in a row to paralyze roundworms.

Take the anti-parasitic herbal supplement Rascal, which is a combination of pumpkin seed, garlic, cramp bark, capsicum and thyme, four capsules, three times per day before meals until the bottle is gone.

A tea of wormwood has long been know to expel all kinds of parasites, including roundworms. Two cups of this tea morning and evening can remedy parasites. Alternatively, a tincture of wormwood can be taken two to three times per day. Do not use wormwood beyond approximately two weeks as doing so can be detrimental to health.

Wormseed, also known as Mexican tea and chenopodium ambrosiodes, is effective against roundworms. The oil should not be used because of the dangers of easily overdosing. According to “A Modern Herbal” by Mrs. Grieve, “The expressed juice of the fresh plant is also employed, in tablespoonful doses. The drug should be given in one full dose, fasting, and then be followed, in about two hours, by an active purgative, such as castor oil.”

As an adjunct to any of the above treatments for roundworm, drink two cups of senna leaf and peppermint. This can be used as a follow up remedy that helps expel parasites from the colon. Add ginger and hot peppers to your daily diet.

These herbs should not be used by those who are pregnant or nursing. Never use wormseed in oil form, it is highly toxic.

Electronic “zappers” that operate on the same frequency range of internal parasites are used by many people to treat parasites. These relatively simple devices can be constructed by people who have some knowledge of electronics.

Colloidal silver can also safely kill parasites, including roundworms. A standard dose of colloidal silver is two to three tablespoons daily, taken morning and night, in divided doses. Colloidal silver kills parasites by destroying them in their egg stage, so it must be taken over an extended period of time to be fully effective.

Using common sense hygiene will help to prevent an infestation of roundworms and most other parasites in human beings. Do not put your hands in your mouth or your eyes. Monitor the hands to mouth and eyes activities of children, as well, as they can be particularly vulnerable.