Kill Toenail Fungus Fast With This Powerful Toenail Fungus Treatment You Can Apply From Home

Toenail fungus is a bothersome problem that plagues many individuals. It is caused by a fungal infection in the toenails. It often begins as a small, white or yellow spot found under the toenail. Eventually, it can spread to the entire nail. The nail becomes an unsightly yellow and may start to crumble away.

Often, the nail also becomes thicker with a different texture. A victim of toenail fungus may experience this problem in one nail or every toenail. Not only is the condition unattractive, it is painful as well. For anyone who struggles to kill toenail fungus, it is not necessary to keep the toes hidden forever. There are powerful, effective remedies that can be done at home.

Natural Cures for Toenail Fungus

While there are prescriptions to treat toenail fungus, many individuals shy away from medications and would prefer natural methods. There are many different approaches that a person can take to win the battle against this annoying problem.

  • One alternative is to soak the affected toenails in a solution that is equal parts of warm water and vinegar. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and soak twice a day for a quarter of an hour. Not only does this prove effective in returning toenails to their normal state, the feet will softer and it is an excellent way to relax. Other methods with vinegar recommend apple cider vinegar and warm water without baking soda or a vinegar spray applied twice a day.
  • Tea tree oil is another useful solution for toenail fungus. It is added to a cream and applied to the affected nails. Tea tree oil has been shown to have antifungal properties. After continued, daily use, patients in studies experienced positive results.
  • Another natural remedy is epsom salts. Once again, the toes should be soaked in hot water with a few tablespoons of epsom salts. The nails should be filed down first before the soak begins. Twice a day for twenty minutes is recommended for the most effective results.

Fight Fungus by Taking Care of the Feet

It’s important to start of a toenail regimen with proper care of the feet while battling fungus. Regularly trimming the toenails is helpful and all pedicure tools should be clean. Washing the feet well and scrubbing under the toenails with a brush is helpful. Nail fungus thrives in moist, warm places. When possible, expose the toes to fresh air to avoid a return of toenail fungus after successful treatment.