Kidney Stone Symptoms – How to Know When You’re Suffering From a Kidney Stone

Kidney stone symptoms are literally one of the worst things that can ever happen to you. It can feel like you are going to die. The pain can be so intense that all you can do is curl in a fetal position and hope that it passes soon. If you think you are suffering from a kidney stone, here’s a look at the most common symptoms.

  • Pain. This is the top symptom for kidney stones. Where the pain is depends on where the stone is located and how big it is. For very small stones, you may have no pain to a very small twinge. For larger stones, you may experience pain in one side of the back, radiating down to the front. It can also travel through one hip and through the urethra. This pain is a pulsing one that comes in waves. It can feel much like contractions when you are giving birth.
  • Frequent of painful urination. Your body is trying as hard as it can to get the stone out. So it will stimulate you to go to the bathroom almost continuously. Also, this will be painful. However, this symptom can also be a symptom of a bladder infection. If you have a fever to go with it, make sure to visit your doctor.
  • Nausea and vomiting – all of the pain will stimulate the Vagus nerve. This nerve cluster will make you feel sick to your stomach. You are likely to vomit as a result.
  • Blood in the urine. If the stone has jagged walls, it can actually scrape the inside of the kidney and the ureter. This will result in blood in the urine. This is not always visible, but will show up when the doctor does a urinalysis.

When you experience pain of this proportion, you will need to go to the doctor right away to make sure it’s a stone and nothing else. Generally, you will be given an ultrasound to see what is going on. The doctors will wait to give the stone a chance to pass on its own if it is small enough. If it is larger, it may require more therapy or even surgery to remove.

Your best option while dealing with kidney stone symptoms is to drink lots and lots of water. This can help the stone pass faster. Many people have also found help using natural remedies to dissolve the stone.