Kidney Cleanses – Can a Kidney Cleanse Really Flush Kidney Stones?

Thousands of people are trying simple kidney cleanses hoping to help pass their kidney stones. But are these natural kidney cleanses really effective?

In this article, you will learn the numerous benefits of cleansing your kidneys regularly including the benefit of passing your kidney stones.

What is a Kidney Cleanse?

A basic kidney cleanse is a way to flush the kidneys of toxins and kidney stones. A basic cleanse consists of drinking plenty of fluids and a diet that flushes the body and kidneys.

Many natural health experts recommend an annual cleanse to prevent toxin buildup and even kidney stones. However, this is often unnecessary if a person stays well hydrated. Most fit and active people have healthy kidneys that are regularly flushed naturally.

However, if you are suffering from kidney stones, water may not be enough to pass them! You may need to try a simple and effective kidney cleanse. Here are some tips to start your home treatment.

Flush Kidney Stones with These Tips

There are 2 basic rules you need to know before you begin this cleanse! You must remember to be always drinking water and keep eating plenty of vegetables throughout the day. Water is needed by the body for many reasons that include flushing stones and toxins. Vegetables are not only great because of the minerals, vitamins and nutrients but because they also contain water soluble fiber which is helpful for flushing the kidneys. (There is also little sugar in vegetables compared to fruit.)

You can also supplement numerous herbs that have been shown to help dissolve the kidney stones and reduce the pain that is associated with this disease. It is important to buy these herbs from a health food store that keeps their produce fresh. If you feel a herb is dried out, then it has probably lost up to half of its potency to work.

Here are some herbs that have been helpful for supplementing with a kidney cleanse.

1. Juniper is one of the most popular herbs that sufferers supplement. Juniper can provide immediate relief to kidney pain and has also been shown to aid in flushing the organs.

2. If you know that you suffer from uric stones, you may want to try gravel root. Gravel root is a wild flower that has been shown most beneficial for renal or urinary calculi (stones) caused by excess uric acid.

3. You could also try fresh parsley which is high in vitamins B, A, and C. It is also high in potassium, iron and chlorophyll. Because fresh parsley is so high in chlorophyll, many experts believe that this fresh herb is a miraculous remedy for cleansing the organs like the kidneys. Make sure you use fresh parsley and not the dried flakes.

4. Ginger is also very popular in the east for cleansing the bowels and kidneys. Ginger can be found in capsule form or you can try fresh ginger root which is available in most produce aisles.