Keeping Track of Monthly Hair Growth


If you are using a hair growth treatment, then you will want to keep track of your monthly hair growth to see if the treatment is working effectively. Most men who use topical treatments or acupuncture will keep a record of new growth as it comes in. They will create a chart that includes all the areas on their scalp that have bald patches. As the weeks progress, they will note new hair growth. They will look to see how quickly the new hair is growing and how long it remains. Since new hair growth can take a few months to show any results, keeping track of the growth is important.

If after a few months there is not new hair growth, you will have to visit your doctor to determine which treatments to try next or find another alternative such as surgery or hair transplant. If you want to try another topical treatment instead of surgery, you should keep track of this treatment in the same way. Topical treatments will not work for all men, so you should be prepared to try another treatment or look into surgery.

Keeping track of monthly hair growth may yield many different types of results depending on how well the treatments work. If you are seeing new hair growth, you will be able to tell how long it took and if the treatment looks to be having lasting effects. This is the best tool you will have to determine if the treatment should be continued or not. Many treatments claim to yield results in four months or less. Rogaine and Propecia are 2 such treatments.