Keep Yourself Away From the Pubic Lice

Initially itself this has to be taken into mind that the pubic lice infestation has got nothing to do with cleanliness. These diminutive blood sucking parasites are often found in genital areas or armpits etc. Where pubic hairs are grown. They are transmitted from one person to another by sharing items bath towels. They are not to be confused with head lice even then treatments for elimination are similar for both.

Pubic lice are found both in men and in women, the symptoms are also similar. The typical symptom is itching which also results in a powder like droppings in under garments. Sometimes after persistent irritation and soreness small spots of blood n the skin are also found along but it does not remain for long time. Even though they are very small in size it can be seen with human eye.

Generally there are two forms of treatments available for eradicating lice from the body. One is based on chemicals proceeded with application of lotions and creams on the skin. In this case special care should be taken that skin in genital areas are extra sensitive. So it is always advisable to use chemicals only under medical supervision. The other category of treatment is based on natural remedies like applying oils on infected areas. These cost effective method is almost free from all the side effects.

The crabs have got immunity to most of the chemicals which we usually use. Increasing dosage can sometimes hurtful to skin so it is always safe to go along the natural method. Things like neem oil will never do any wrong on the skin. This natural remedy not only help in evacuating the parasite but it also relive and cure the rashes and other skin problems caused due to itching and scratching.