Keep Your Daily Intentions Pure


I was speaking with an old friend of mine the other day who has been through some tough personal battles in recent years. He proudly informed me of how long he has been sober and the steps that he was taking to continue that trend. In the same breath, he stated, very honestly, “I can’t say that I’m never going to drink again. But I’m not going to drink today.” I was impressed by that and it got me thinking.

There are so many goals that I want to accomplish for myself and my family that I often get overwhelmed by concentrating on the number of steps it will take to reach those goals. So when my daily intentions get lost, my head starts spinning and I stop accomplishing anything, I hit the reset button and get my concentration back on today. That means slowing down and taking it one day at a time. What can I accomplish today that will move me towards my goals? This is the question that we need to ask ourselves everyday. We then need to answer that question with what we can do, not what we can’t.

Keep your intentions pure and remind yourself everyday of what those intentions are. By doing so, you can be certain that you are moving closer towards your goals every day. I can’t say that I am always going to make the right choices. However, I can say that my intentions will be pure and I will learn and grow from the mistakes that I make. As a result, I will be a better, stronger person tomorrow.