Keep Safe, Have Safe Oral Sex


Oral sex according to Wikipedia it refers to sexual activities involving the use of the mouth. It may also include the use of the tongue, teeth, and throat, to stimulate genitalia. When Oral sex is done to a woman it is known as Cunnilingus and if it is to the male counter part it is called fallatio. Oral sex is much gaining popularity and more and more people are indulging in it. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the body and therefore it has got a lot of power. However, when performing oral sex, you must make sure that both you and your partner are safe and are not subjecting yourselves to dangers associated with oral sex. Although it is generally noted by Conant and other researchers that unprotected sex has a higher chance of you catching a disease than oral sex, you should take care not to get infected from having unprotected oral sex.

When performing oral sex on a woman, you should make sure that your mouth does not come in contact with her vaginal fluids. Many venereal disease are transmitted through the fluid that come from our bodies. If you have a cut in your mouth you have a higher chance of contracting a disease if the person is infected. This is because there will be an exchange of fluids from both of you. If you feel you have to perform oral sex on your partner make sure you have a healthy mouth, one that does not have any opening what so ever. It is almost impossible to know if you do not have a cut or your gums are boring. It is better if you perform oral sex in a safe environment and you do not assume you are both okay.

When performing oral sex for the men, you should try to avoid the cum from coming into contact with an open wound in your mouth. This is because like the vaginal fluids, the cum also carries with it the diseases if the person is infected. If you are not careful, you could end up being infected with whatever your partner is infected with. It could be herpes or the HIV Aids virus. In order for you to keep the vaginal fluids from getting in to your mouth you should use a piece of plastic wrap or dental dam. You can make your own dental dam though, you do not have to buy it. You can make it with unlubricated condom. For the women you can use the unlubricated non spermicidal condom to keep the cum out of their mouth.

You can never be sure about your partners status unless you go for a test. You should make sure that you test for all venereal diseases. Only then should you be comfortable performing oral sex on your partner. Even so, you should be going for testing after every three months to see if your partner is infected with any disease in the course of your relationship. Oral sex is beautiful and if both of you perform it in a safe environment you can enjoy it without worry.