Karate Yells – From Feeble Squeak To Fearsome Roar

One of the first things I learned when I started taking
karate (other than knuckle pushups) was the famous
karate yell.

My white belt class spends a great deal of time bowing to
the master, crouching in a "Karate Kid" style stance, and
punching the air while grunting.

These alternating punches end with a "kee-yup" to transfer
your power into an imaginary target. My karate yell has
improved dramatically as has my overall fitness.

My throat was actually as sore as the rest of my body after
my first training session. You know how it is. New class,
excitement, adrenaline, and of course, the testosterone-
fueled need to be competitive.

After 9 or 10 karate classes now, I can actually do over
20 knuckle pushups without stopping. When I started I
could barely get 10. My punches have improved. For the
first week or so I had terrible pain in my rotator cuff.
One of the black belts who is a little older at our dojo
took me after after class and taught me a few strengthening
exercises. I also bought a book online called Martial Arts
After 40 at http://www.martialarts3000.com to learn some
body-saving tricks.

Overall, my experience has been wonderful. I have sparred
a little bit with karate pads and its a blast. But the best
part is my body. I literally can see changes every few days.
I'm eating cleaner, I've dropped weight, my bowel movements
are way, way better and I have tons more energy!

Will I be breaking boards with my bare hands? Not this week
but who knows?