Joint Pain – Causes And Effects


Any area in the body where two or more bones meet is called a joint. This includes the hip, ankle, elbow, shoulder and knee. Pain in any of these areas is called joint pain. A lot of people don’t take the symptoms seriously as a result of which they tend to keep getting worse, leading to some very serious consequences down the line. It is very important that any type of joint pain must be treated at the earliest in order to prevent any future complications.


The area around any joint has a lot of tissue and muscle. In the case of a ligament tear or a pulled muscle, a person can experience severe symptoms. This pain can also occur due to an infection or a wound in that area. When these continue for more than three months, this is called chronic pain. Chronic pain can be a sign of arthritis. Cancer could also be a cause of persistent symptoms. Pain can also result due to injury, dislocations, repetitive motion, loose bits of cartilage or bone, joint separation or overuse of muscle. Infections such as mumps, measles, syphilis, rheumatic fever can also cause similar symptoms in the joint and the surrounding areas.

How It Can Affect You

Besides making it difficult or impossible for you to move around freely and also being uncomfortable and painful all the time, joint pain can also lead to some serious complications if they are left unattended for too long or if proper medical attention is not sought.

• Permanent Joint damage or immobility

• Deformity in and around the area

• Loss of sensation and loss of stability

• Spreading of the infection to other areas in the body

• Possible paralysis

• Painful and difficult life

What Can You Do About This Pain?

First of all, don’t wait for the symptoms to get severe. If you have suffered an injury, go to the doctor immediately and have it examined. In the case of an infection or disease, it is necessary to get it diagnosed and treated before it spreads to other parts of the body. Ligament or muscles tears should be given complete rest. Ensure that the joint is strapped well and try not to overuse that part of the body until it is completely healed. Even if you start having other symptoms like a fever or weight loss that may seem unrelated at first it is advisable to get help from a medical professional since it is necessary to treat these problems as soon as possible. The earlier you get the symptoms treated, the faster you will recover. It will also save you a lot of future expense as well as a lot of unnecessary pain.