Jobs That Will Require First Aid Training

A lot of individuals with first aid training are working in hospitals and in other healthcare institutions. Medical personnel like doctors, nurses, and lab technicians might be required to carry out CPR in the course of their work. Other hospital personnel who might be required to perform CPR as well as first aid training will include maintenance personnel, human resource staff, and secretaries among others.

Professionals Needing First Aid Training

Dental And Medical Personnel – Although dental professionals in healthcare institutions are less likely to perform CPR, they might still be required to have a certification in first aid. There are some dental procedures that might cause patients to experience cardiac arrest.

Police Officers – Emergency medical personnel, police and fire fighters and among other first responders are required to undergo first aid training. Emergency medical technicians and other first responders might need to have advanced CPR skills.

School Staff – Throughout the schools around the world, excellent quality first aid training is naturally of great importance. In fact, there are some academic institutions which require at least some of the staff to have as well as maintain first aid and CPR certification. When a student or teacher is injured, co-workers or teachers can help in restoring his or her good health. Day care workers may also need to undergo such training.

Lifeguards – These professionals might have to provide first aid to drowning individuals who have been attacked by sea creatures. Other professionals who may need to learn such skill will include soldiers and law enforcement officers. Be reminded that these professionals are most likely to experience situations where people might need immediate care. Cardiac arrest and respiratory problems are among these circumstances.

Flight Attendants – These are the responders when accident or emergency happens in the air. It is not guaranteed that whenever the plane is in the air, there will be an emergency expert on board. Hence, these professionals must be skilled in giving immediate care.

Prison Personnel – In case of an emergency, medical staff might not be around in order to provide the required services. Thus, guards as well as other prison staff may need to provide the necessary help until medical support arrives.

Performing the wrong procedure to a victim can worsen the situation. It is highly recommended then that as much as possible, everyone knows the basics of giving first aid. Good thing there many courses being offered these days. Interventions need to be well-rooted on solutions and theories learned during the training.