Jesus Heals 10 Lepers: A True Story

The story of the ten lepers is a common parable shared amongst many. Jesus heals 10 lepers as He is on His way to Jerusalem. To understand this parable better one must first conceptualize what leprosy is. It is basically an incurable disease which affects the whole body and is contagious. It is easy to spread and very often in the biblical times the lepers would stay together in isolation or in hiding for fear of the reactions from the public, literally they were not allowed into the City.

This disease was scared and was to say the least, disgusting. It is easy to see that it is a fairly embarrassing disease to have, yet at the time it had no cure. The ten lepers stopped him from a far off distance asking for healing. Perhaps at that point one can imagine the intension desperation they had. Nobody else could cure them. But Jesus looked at them and told them to go the prayers saying that they would be healed. The lepers left on, one can already imagine losing the only hope which had remained, yet they did not quite understand Jesus. As they went on, they went on, they were healed. Surprisingly, only one came back to thank Jesus for healing them.

How often are we so desperate to resolve an issue in our lives that we are almost begging for help, yet when we receive it we forget completely to thank those without what we could not have managed to resolve the issue? The parable is one that reminds us that without God we are in desperation, and with Him we are cured in all problems that we may be facing. So only one leper came back to thank Jesus, where could the rest have gone?

Excitedly they must have gone in search of their families and friends who had shunned them earlier when they had leprosy or gone to celebrate. But Jesus asked the leper who came back where the other nine were because he had healed all ten of them. The other nine were expected to come back and give praise to God who had healed them yet they did not return. Having faith in order to receive healing is what this one individual who returned had. He had faith that he could be healed and he was. When Jesus heals 10 lepers it reminds us that next time we need to not make an excuse when it comes to thanking God for the kindness upon our lives.