Jelqing Results – Can It Cause Erectile Dysfunction?


There’s actually quite a lot of controversy regarding Jelqing in this day and age. Many medical professionals aren’t certain about the results as many of them shrug it off saying “No research has been done in the area”. There are even more which claim it causes erectile dysfunction and some who say absolutely nothing happens even after years of practicing it. There are some testimonials strewn about which show jelqing results which are positive but is it really enough?

Jelqing, some sources claim has been around for over 50 years and an ancient Arabic exercise. Whether or not the jelq’s origin has come from, it’s popularity over the internet is spread far and wide. Many men have gained inches simply from this one exercise which simply requires lubricant and a partial erection to perform. How it works is it exercises the smooth muscles and other tissues in the penis by forcing blood into the glans which then increase vascularity in the corpus cavernosum.

There are those who consider Jelqing risky or dangerous but mostly anecdotal as nothing has been confirmed. If anything, it should help reduce the possibility of erectile dysfunction due to the way it encourages blood circulation to and through the penis. Possibly through a lack of technique, there are mentions that if done incorrectly jelqing can cause pain. This is understandable as many men don’t take the strength of an erection into account when performing the exercises. Being a concise practice, each level of erection allows different techniques and must all be performed equally to work. Doing so takes time and a lot of effort in identifying what level of erection and how to control it.