Jeep – Huge and Handy Car Manufacturer

Jeep is always known for the sporty look car which is often heavy and bulky but on the other hand is very much handy. Now it is in the news that Jeep had become successful in the introduction of the 7-passenger trail. The cars manufactured by the Jeeps are SUVs which can be easily taken on the highways and off the road. But some of the models of the Jeep are rugged in style. Also the space available in the Jeeps can also be considered as the noticing factor. So, this article provides the reviews of different models of the Jeeps and their efficiency which can be fruitful to the users.

The latest model of attraction is the 7 passenger Jeep which can provide a better choice to the customers. The main reason behind this approach is that the current model of the Jeep has only 5 or less passenger capacity. Therefore, this model can meet all the demands and needs for the large model. Another reason for the increasing popularity of the Jeep is that the customers can get all the features and comforts of the roomier and larger models.

Some of the key features of the Jeep and information regarding the engines: –

The best thing about the engines of the Jeep is that one can get the choice
of the 3 engines in the same models of the Jeep. Therefore, it can be really helpful for the users to make an easy choice. The different types of engines are 3.7 liters which is known to be V6. Second on is the V8 which is of the capacity of 4.7 liter and the third one is known as the HEMI Multi-Displacement which is of 5.7 liters.

Besides having a wide choice in the engines, there is also the choice of 2 transmissions which includes a pair of 5 speed automatics. Also there is also the facility of the 3 four wheel drive and the Disc Brakes is of the Anti-Lock 4-Wheel.

Another feature which is added in the new models of the Jeep is the 3 sound systems. There is the facility of the AM / FM Stereo along with the fixation of the CD player and also the changer controls which can control the AM / FM Stereo, Radio and the 6-Disc CD / MP3 Player. Beside this, a 6-CD / MP3 Changer along with the DVD-based GPS Navigation System is also present in the new models of the Jeep.

Also the seats of the Jeep now had been modified. They are now the bucket seats of the leather trimmed seats. Beside this, there is also the facility of Supplemental Side Curtain Air Bags which are present in all the rows of the Jeep.