Jaw Cysts


Jaw cyst arises usually as a complication of disease of a tooth as a result of which chronic inflammatory process at a top of tooth’s root with formation of a cyst develops. In more rare cases it arises from an environment of the follicle surrounding crownwork of a tooth, at infringement of its process dentition. Therefore such a cyst refers to follicular.

Unlike it root meets much more often as disease of a teeth repeatedly exceeds number of their cases complicated dentition. Root cyst develops on a background of a chronic inflammation, grows slowly, but steadily. Increasing in volume, constantly presses on a bone fabric surrounding it which forcedly “recedes”, releasing a place for growing cyst.

It is not enough, or absolutely of itself not showing, cyst it is visible, only when appears bulge of a jaw with thinning its external dense bone scuts, on what the patient or its associates pays attention. Often at x-ray of jaw in this or that occasion cyst is found out as a casual find.

Its growth sometimes attracts so significant destruction of a bone of a jaw that leads to its spontaneous crisis. Besides penetration into a cyst’s cavity pus-producing microbes can cause heavy inflammatory process with involving in it of a bone brain of a jaw and development of an osteomyelitis. Regeneration root cyst is possible as is long current process in a cancer tumor.

Surgical. At the small sizes carrying out of operation in out-patient conditions is admissible. The recommendation: the periodic control (once a year) tooth-maxillary system by means of x-ray.