ITEC Past Exam Papers – Revision Questions

Using ITEC past exam papers can be very beneficial for all students studying any of the ITEC subjects. Unfortunately ITEC do not provide past exam papers or questions so you must seek an alternative revision resource that provides revision questions similar to those found on ITEC’s past exam papers.

ITEC’s theory papers are in the format of multiple choice questions so using these type of questions while you are revising is advisable as it prepares the student for the format of their actual exam paper.

Using Anatomy and Physiology as an example, the following are some sample multiple choice questions;

01. 2 pairs of centrioles separate during which phase of mitosis?
a) Prophase – Answer
b) Anaphase
c) Telophase
d) Metaphase

02. What muscle lowers the mandible and opens the mouth?
a) Lateral pterygoid – Answer
b) Medial pterygoid
c) Orbicularis oculi
d) Masseter

03. What is the function of the right lymphatic duct?
a) Drains lymph into the head, neck and torso
b) Collects lymph from the right side of the body
c) Collects lymph from the right side of the head and neck, chest and right arm – Answer
d) Collects lymph from the left side of the body

Whatever ITEC exam you are revising for, whether it is Beauty Therapy or Reflexology, you will need to have a study plan in place which includes learning these questions everyday.

I would recommend you learn a number of questions each day, about 20-30 depending on how busy you are. And even if you are very busy on a particular day, learning just 5 questions is ok, 5 is better than nothing at all. Remember, the key to your exam success with this method is consistency. Repeat this process every day and your confidence in the subject you are learning will soon grow.