Itchy Scalp and Anxiety? – How to Combat Itchy Scalp and Anxiety

An itchy scalp and anxiety have more in common than you may think. Can anxiety or stress really cause a sore and painful scalp? The answer to that is yes, anxiety has been proven to cause scalp irritation. Whether it’s financial stress, stress related to work, taking care of the children, hormonal and pregnancy issues or menopause, there is a direct link between an itchy scalp and anxiety, and these daily stresses can have a serious impact on the condition of your scalp. So stress really does go straight to your head!

In most cases, simple lifestyle changes are more beneficial than a change of products or remedies. People that suffer with an itchy scalp and anxiety need to balance their stress levels. Now, while this may sound easier said than done, there are always small changes you can make to relieve the stress in your life, and certain remedies will help in the soothing of an irritated scalp. Talking through your problems with a friend or partner, can often be very beneficial in finding a way to begin to reduce and relieve your anxiety levels and avoid the problem of an itchy scalp.

To balance stress levels you need to have a source of relaxation. Yoga is a great way to just relax for thirty minutes everyday. There are many forms of yoga that fulfill different needs and wants. Breathing techniques, poses and exercises associated with yoga are known to improve management and relaxation skills. Yes, relaxation is a skill that not many people possess nowadays. There are yoga classes everywhere from big cities to small towns. If you are more interested in relaxing with yoga in the comfort of your own home, then consider doing some research on the topic online or in your local library.

Aromatherapy is an alternate form of health practice that uses essential oils to stimulate our bodies senses. These essential oils are extracts from aromatic plants that are mixed with a carrier oil to produce a calming effect on both the mind and the body. Aromatherapy is great for relaxation, particularly after a hard day.

So whether yoga or aromatherapy suits you best, it is important to try and relax to cure your itchy scalp and anxiety. The stresses of life take everything out of us and it is essential to give some of it back by relaxing.

For an immediate temporary soother for your itchy scalp, try the following natural remedy:

Get three sprigs of Rosemary.

Chop them up and add it to three bags of Chamomile tea.

Boil the mixture gently, let it cool, strain it and rinse your hair with this liquid for a calming anti-inflammatory effect on your itchy scalp.