Itchy Penis Skin: Banish It for Good

Living with dry, itchy penis skin is not easy. The urge to dig into that itch can be overwhelming, taking over a man's thoughts from the time he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed at night. And sex? Forget it. The skin is much too uncomfortable for any kind of close contact, even if a man's mind is still very interested in physical love. Men who have deal with dry penis skin are willing to do almost anything to make the discomfort go away. And men who have never had this condition are reasonably willing to try anything to prevent it. There are several penal care steps men can take to banish this issue for good. Here are a few places to start.

Removal Offenders

Penile skin rarely dries out for no reason. Often, cells wither away because they're reacting to something a guy has placed on his body. If that addition is somehow irritating to the cells, they respond by swelling up and drying out. Offensive additions that can cause this reaction include:

– Perfumes

– Astringents


– Anti-bacterial agents

Products with these additives might seem useful, but they can all be hard on sensitive skin cells. That's why men with dry, itchy skin should avoid using things with these ingredients on their bodies. Once they've cured, they can add one or two back into the mix and watch for reactions. In time, with experimentation, they may be able to identify the offending substance that's causing their dryness.

Cleansing the Right Way

Chemicals are at the root of many cases of sore penile skin. But other itchy penal concerns come from something completely different: hot water.

Scalding hot water in baths or showers is incredibly hard on sensitive skin. Tissues respond by redding, swelling and sweating, and all of that leaves tissues sore, swollen and dehydrated. It can take hours for the skin to recover, and men who bathe more than once per day may not give their skin enough time to rest and replenish. The result? Very clean skin that's also dry, itchy and sore.

Warm, not hot, water is best for skin cells. Lower temperatures do not spark pollution and sweating, so they do not cause short- or long-term damage. And bathing with this cooler water can still help a man get clean. He will not have any additional odor to deal with, but he will have skin that's healthy.

Applying Common Sense

Even when men use only warm water for bathing, and even when they stick with non-irritating products, they may still deal with itchy, dry penis skin from time to time, unless they take a close look at their behavior. That's especially true of men who like things a little rough in the bedroom.

Frantic, fast, furious sex, whether it's done alone or with a partner, can chafe sensitive skin. And without the proper rest, that skin simply will not recover. It will remain sore, rough and raw.

While rest is vital, it's even smarter for men to leave the rough stuff behind. Sticking with activities that are smooth, soft and a little calmer can mean less damage to the skin, and that could result in fewer episodes of soreness and itching.

Using a Secret Weapon

A penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is another great tool in the fight against itchy, dry penis skin. Each dose of a quality product locks moisture in the cells of the skin, so it can fight dryness from the inside out. Plus, additional ingredients smooth the exterior of the skin, so it's harder for water and moisture to escape in the future. Such a product is an excellent way to protect skin, and there's no prescription required.