Itchy Feet – How to Recognize and Treat

As sufferers well know Itchy feet can be very painful and irritating. The feeling at times is like your feet are on fire! So, what causes Itchy Feet and how can it be best treated to provide relief?


Itchy feet can have a myriad of causes, including ringworm, athlete’s foot, an allergy to socks or hosiery, detergent soap, or lotion, poison oak or poison ivy, eczema, psoriasis, simple dry skin, a nutritional deficiency or unsaturated fatty acids. Candida albicans (yeast like fungi) can cause the whole body to itch.

Walking barefoot, and picking up an infection from another person can also cause itchy feet. (Likely places for this include communal swimming pools and changing rooms at your local sports centre) have a look also at your training shoes as keeping your feet for any lengthy period of time in warm, dark, moist conditions helps perpetuate fungus.


It can be extremely annoying when you have itchy feet. At times they may be hot and tingly, whilst other times they just need a thorough scratching. However, unlike your arm or your nose, you just can’t scratch your feet every time you feel the urge to do so. This can make you feel miserable.

You may also notice a red scaly type rash on your feet and experience peeling skin with possible cracking noticeable between your toes


Try these useful tips to prevent itchy feet.

Switch instead to natural fibre socks or hosiery and open toed shoes where possible.

This assists your feet in being able to breath. Synthetic fibres and sung-fitting shoes trap moisture and heat that can in turn lead to itchy feet. A key to prevention is maintaining good hygiene habits – change your socks or hosiery on a regular basis. Review and change your shoes as required.

o Moisturize your feet daily.

Dry air can lead to feet losing their elasticity and natural oils. This will in turn result in dry skin and cracking. Remember dry skin really itches!

o Apply foot powder to your feet and shoes Try to get into the habit of a daily foot review and care.. Foot powder will help to keep fungus at bay.

o Wear protective footwear in communal areas & don’t share towels! Wear suitable protective sandals or other footwear when at the gym or swimming pool. This will help enormously in preventing the spread of infection. For similar reasons, do keep to your own towel. Be proactive in prevention and you will be less likely to experience the misery of itchy feet.