Itching Yeast Misconceptions and Good Vaginal Tips

Are you suffering from an itching yeast infection? If so, you may be thinking of utilizing some natural remedies and tricks that people have been recommending for itching yeast and good vaginal care over the years. However, keep in mind that a lot of the folk remedies out there are pure myths and may not bring you any relief at all. Here are a few of the misconceptions when in it comes to yeast infections.

I am sure it is yeast – Many women fail to diagnose their own itching yeast problem, simply because they are 100% sure what it is. But do you realize that what you may believe to be yeast may in fact be bacterial vaginosis, trich, lichen sclerosis or another form or a vaginal skin condition? In fact, even if your problem is indeed yeast, there are different forms of yeast that should be treated differently. The most common form of fungus is Candida albicans, however there are other forms such as Candida glabrata. In fact that are more than two hundred different strains of itching yeast and you should know what you are dealing with before you self-medicate. Good vaginal care does not entitle self-treatment without proper diagnosis.

Douching can help – When it comes to the vaginal area, some women are related to use prescription medications or messy creams, so they try to find a natural way to address their itching yeast issues. So they resort to an old recipe for many diseases – vinegar. What you need to understand with yeast however is that douching is useless. The reason for that is that yeast can grow in both acidic and alkaline environments so bombarding it with vinegar will not kill it. In fact, washing the area this way may even worsen your situation by pushing bacteria up your genital area.

The best course of action when it comes to treating persistent itching yeast infections and overall good vaginal health is to have your situation evaluated by a competent gynecologist who can perform all the necessary tests and recommend a course of action. This will ensure that you are not wasting your efforts or unnecessarily testing out things on your body.