It Is Probable That Eating In Restaurants Cause Food Poisoning

The cause for food poisoning to some is consuming spoiled food which has unhealthy and perilous bacteria in it.  Food poisoning accounts for 76 million indispositions, 325,000 hospitalizations, and 5,000 deaths each year.

Around 250 diseases are there around which can cause infection to people through food but out of them twoo are major and overarching types of food poisoning.   Viruses, bacteria, and parasites called  “infectious agents” is one way.  ”Toxic Agents” is another way through which food poisoning occurs.  The list includes mushrooms, foods that are not properly or fully prepared, and incompletely cleaned foods which still contain things like pesticide.  One of best ways to prevent food poisoning is through high levels of sanitation and hygiene.

There are several symptoms and effects of food poisoning as it is so intricate and there are 250 ways of diseases caused by food poisoning and as many “infectious agents”. A partial of symptoms includes:
·    nausea
·    headaches
·    vomiting
·    abdominal pain
·    diarrhea (both watery and crampy as well as bloody and even mucusy)
·    fever
·    inflammation of internal organs
·    kidney failure
·    muscles aches
·    blurry vision
·    speech problems
·    bodily weakness
·    death

There are several ways by which doctors can test for food poisoning.  Most common tests are urine and blood tests that are needed.  Lastly, rectal exam also may be chosen by doctors.  In addition to these tests, common checks like breaking rate and blood pressure are also checked by doctors.

Inspite of its intricacies, food poisoning problem can be prevented by  people in many ways.  When shopping, they can avoid purchasing packages that appear open or torn, waiting until the end of their shopping trip to buy frozen or cold items and taking them home immediately, and avoiding contact between raw foods (like meat) and other foods.  Moreover, what is most important is cleanliness.  After going to the bathroom, it is important to wash hands.  Importantly, hands should be washed before dealing with uncooked foods and also after handling them.  When actually cooking food, people can also take a number of steps to avoid food poisoning.  A meat thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of the meat when cooking meat.   Also, eating leftovers within four days is a good precaution.  Lastly, food should not be left for more than two hours outside so that it does not get spoiled.

Sometimes, people who get poisoned by food do not have control over whether they get poisoned or not.  Especially, someone falls since after eating in a restaurant, it is the fault of restaurant.  The chefs may not have cooked the food completely.  Precautions like washing hands after using toilet, or before and after handling food may not have been taken by them or others.  The restaurant may have spoiled ingredients.  {However,  it is because of the mistake committed by others that this person has fallen sick through food poisoning.

Keeping food out of the temperature range (40-140 degrees) where bacteria grow easily and quickly; keeping HOT and COLD foods as it is besides remember the famous proverb, “When in doubt, throw it out”!.