Is Your Rash Hard to Diagnose Properly: Many Look Quite Similar

Having a rash isn’t easy, but then it can get more frustrating as it’s not always easy to diagnose. Because so many rashes can look similar it can be hard to obtain a correct diagnosis. On many online forums people are asking if their rash is dermatitis, scabies or stress related. It also is possible the rash is due to an allergic reaction. Other common rashes include those due to bacterial infections, fungus or viruses. For instance, herpes is a virus that remains in one’s system one’s whole life. Itchiness and dry skin can also give rise to a rash when someone scratches it. Pictures of scabies can look similar to eczema.

If there is a history of allergies in the family then know that rashes can be another expression. The skin can erupt when it can’t accept certain foods, chemicals from the environment or skin care products. If you or your family member suffer from pollen allergies and respiratory reactions, don’t be surprised if skin rashes can appear.

Check around school if your child seems to be scratching the skin because contagious bacterial and viral rashes can be spread around schools. Chicken pox, scabies, lice and fungus are all spread in close quarters. If there is an elderly family member in a nursing home or senior center this can also something to ask the director when you see any signs of skin irritation.

Don’t rely only on pictures you view online to diagnose yourself or your child. Your physician will also ask you questions and study the rash closely. In some cases, a biopsy will be taken or some form of magnification used to rule out other conditions. Most rashes are not life-threatening but if there is constriction of the respiratory organs it is important to seek immediate attention.